Monday, July 20, 2015

AL Bright Nebula Observing Program DONE!

Finally! I've now imaged 100 of the "Bright" nebula objects.

There were only a handful of hours with clear (if not very transparent) skies at this year's Nebraska Star Party, but it was all I needed. I shot groups of objects in Scorpius and Sagittarius/Serpens to collect the six objects I needed.

Here's the first group, NGC 6357 (the Lobster), Sh 2-12, and Sh 2-13.

And here's the second group, IC 4701, LBN 53, and LBN 70

Still to process are a possible three objects, one from NSP and the other two from Jeffers Petroglyphs. The total integration time to reach 100 objects was 180.6 hours. That's a bit over 7.5 DAYS of exposure time!

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