Friday, May 22, 2015

Five LBNs in one image

Last night everything worked correctly and I managed to image the cluster of LBNs in Serpens that includes LBN 8, 10, 11, 19, and 1122.

Here's the image:

These are NOT very bright. Only 1122 rises to the level of LBN brightness 4; 11 is brightness 5, and 8, 10, and 19 are all brightness 6. Which is to say that these are really quite dim. Despite 170m of luminance shot at f/4 aggressive stretching is needed to pick out the nebulae. Regardless of that, I consider these good enough to satisfy the Astronomical League.

These five lift my count to 92. Where will the final eight come from?

The remaining objects [and their brightnesses] within reach are clustered.

Cluster 1 Sh 2-12 [4], Sh 2-13 [?], and NGC 6357 [?]. These three fit into a 200mm lens field. Image during July.

Cluster 1: Sh 2-12, Sh 2-13, and NGC 6357 (Lobster)

Cluster 2 LBN 20 [4] and LBN 22 [5]. The AT65's field is perfect for this pair. Image during June or July.

Cluster 2: LBN 20 and LBN 22
(Cluster 3) LBN 70 [6], IC 4701 [4], and LBN 52 [2] fit into a 135mm lens field. LBN 70 is huge; it encloses the Eagle Nebula and LBN 68. July or August.

Cluster 3: LBN 70, IC 4701, and LBN 52
(Cluster 4) IC4812 [?] and NGC 6729 [?]. This pair also fits nicely into the AT65 FOV, although the TV-102 might be better. July.

Cluster 4: IC 4812 and NGC 6729
The four clusters contain ten objects, putting me two over the required 100. There are a couple of very dim objects that remain for August and September in the event that these fail, and if those fail it's back to winter imaging!

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