Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Astronomical League Bright Nebula Project List Update

I've gone through the entire ALBN object list and updated the coordinates to those provided by SIMBAD*.

In general the coords provided by the AL were close to a match (given the corrections noted at the bottom of the document). For some reason most of the AL Coords differed slightly from SIMBAD by one or two tenths of minutes of RA and DEC or more. A couple were off by half a degree of DEC.

For most people these differences are of no importance--they are using software to locate the objects by name. If you're doing that, you should be aware that some software may be in error. For example, SkyTools3 (which I use) has incorrect positions for LBN 1088 and LBN 10.

The new version of the ALBN is here.

* Coordinates are J2000. The coords for Pickering's Wisp were taken from SkyTools 3.

The SkyTools LBN 1088 error has forced me to change my imaging plans a little. Instead of being at a DEC of +31° the object is at -31°! It's actually just a little west of the LBN 1088/1099 area, so there isn't much time to image it from my northern latitude. Friday night is forecast to be clear, but there won't be time to do 1089/1090 and 1088 for several of hours each. Instead I'm going to go for quick and dirty: An hour each at  f/4, binned 2x2.

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