Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sh 2-137

The list rolls on with another faint nebula: Sh 2-137 in Cepheus. This object its also known as LBN 498 and has a brightness value of 5

This images represents 3.5 hours of integration on a night with a bright waning gibbous moon.

Sh 2-137
The bright star at left is GSC 04271-2621 with magnitude 4.57.


  1. Nice shot, Dave. I have been admiring your images for the A.L. Bright Nebula program and they have been very helpful to me as I work through the program myself via imaging. Most of my shots are just down-and-dirty ID photos - but after seeing your images, I have quite a long list that I will be going back to do *hours* of exposure instead of minutes!


    Anthony K.
    Quantum Skies Observatory
    Pulaski, WI

  2. Thanks, Anthony!

    An even better resource is the compilation by David M. Douglass, who has completed the list. You can find it here: