Friday, July 4, 2014

Framed and Registered

The print of M31 I talked about last time has now been framed, and I've registered it for the Fine Arts competition at the State Fair.  Here's what it looks like framed:

This is a snap using an inexpensive digital camera, and I think it went blue-heavy, but you get the idea. The matte and frame are blacker than this shows. I chose anti-reflection glass, too, which lends a very slight blue tinge, much like it can do when viewed on a lens.

In a fit of optimism I decided to put a for-sale price on it. My cost, disregarding time and travel is $14 for the print and $261 for the framing, for a total of $275. The fair takes 20% of the sale price, so that becomes  $330. I set the price at $350, which means I'll have a "profit" of $20. 

Two things about that. It would be nice to have the costs taken care of, and it would be a great pleasure to know someone was willing to pay for one of my images. Seeing it hanging in the Fine Arts building with a "sold" sticker would be a blast. 

One thing at a time, though, and I won't find out what its status is until July 14-15. If it's accepted, I'll take all the mounting hardware off, and my wife will deliver it to the Judges (I'll be at the Nebraska Star Party).

This week I should really finish my Binocular mount project. The Jeffers Stargaze and NSP are going to arrive quicker than I know.

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