Sunday, October 7, 2012

Waiting Time

One week since I sent in my CCD to SBIG, and one week to go to the Heart of America Star Party 2012. I didn't expect to hear anything from SBIG this week; my impression is that the repair queue is about two weeks long. After that--in a few short days--you hear from them, they do the repair, and it's on its way back to you. So I'm guessing that I'll get it back sometime around the last week of October.

On the HOASP front, there's good and bad news. A friend who also owns an ST-8300M has agreed to loan me his for the trip. CCD imaging is back on the menu. I'm still waffling about which scope to bring, the TV102 or C925. Today, I'm favoring the TV102. Stand by.

Bad news is the weather forecast. At this time it has all three days of HOASP as showers and thunderstorms, so the whole CCD issue may very well end up moot. I've picked three targets as if there will be three nights of clear sky. The helix nebula (NGC 7293), The sculptor galaxy (NGC 253), and The foxface nebula (NGC 1788, a reflection and dark nebulae in Orion) Will any get imaged? Or will I come home having collected only mildew?

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