Tuesday, April 17, 2012

M101 Progress

This Friday I may be able to complete the acquisition part of my M101 project. At the present time I have 13 hours of H-alpha, two hours of luminance, 40 minutes of red and 40 minutes of blue. (Both the R and B are binned 2x2 on board my ST-8300. I feel that I need to add at least 20 minutes of red, 20 minutes of blue, and an hour of green before I'm ready to process it all. I have the dark frames ready to go.

Friday night is a gathering of imagers out at Onan Observatory, and the forecast is for clear skies. There should be a good four hours of imaging time between the start of darkness and RA end-of-travel. Deduct from that the time for polar alignment, (re)focusing, and the usual snags and glitches.

The last several years my clear-sky luck at Onan has been terrible. I won't be surprised if the clear forecast busts.

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