Monday, February 27, 2012

Wide-Field Imaging with EOS Lenses

I would like to do some very wide field imaging, in which I can capture entire constellations or significant parts of them. This means imaging with focal lengths less than 200 mm, which can be done with camera lenses. I have a few Canon EOS lenses, and lenses that can be adapted to work as if an EOS lens, but the problem is mating the lenses to my SBIG CCD.

A search of internet forums suggests that there's only one way to do this: With an SBIG EOS to ST-8300 adapter ring. The problem is that this adapter is pricey: $295 + shipping. A Wanted ad on Cloudy Nights failed to produce someone willing to sell a used one, so yesterday I faced reality and ordered one from Oceanside. I should say, back-ordered it. With luck it will be here for the warmer weather expected to arrive in April.

Update 2/27: OPT wrote that the adapter would be delivered no earlier than late April! Tomorrow I'll call around to see if any other dealers have it in stock.

Update 2/28: Oh, well. It seems that SBIG items are usually special order most places and are fulfilled in 30 to 60 days. I'll stick with OPT.

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