Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recent Imaging

I've been imaging over the past few days. The horsehead image from the last post did get its green and blue parts taken:

Flame and Horsehead nebulae
The Moon was Gibbous and nearby; some of its light snuck in and caused the blue-green flare at lower right. This has since been solved by extending the dew shield with some craft foam.

I also had a couple of clear nights during which to image the Rosette nebula. I collectd H-alpha the first night, but it was partly cloudy the second night and I didn't get very many OIII frames.  Consider this a preliminary composite image:

Rosette Nebular (NGC 2244)

The Moon was even brighter and closer to the target than for the previous image, but the dew shield extender worked fine. Next chance I get I will collect more OIII data, and for the first time try to get some SII as well.  I'll get a Hubble Palette image yet!

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