Friday, March 11, 2016

Trying My New Battery; Color Balance Issues

The weather has been cooperating a little better this last week, and I've been able to try out my battery-based imaging setup. I haven't done much more than image an hour here, a couple of hours there, but the results are about as expected.

Here are two images from my inner red zone back yard,


As you can see I was unable to completely eradicate the sky brightness gradient.

The Rosette:

Both are taken without filters only because I don't have one. A decent filter would have improved these greatly.

Here are a couple from some distance north of the Twin Cities in a yellow zone,

75m of the M81/82 area:

I have this delusion that I'll be able to image the integrated flux nebula.

The southern portion of Auriga (including some dark lines from tree branches):

The first two images came out horribly red/magenta heavy, and it was a lot of work getting the color right. I passed that off as a consequence of the camera mod and light pollution. The second two appeared just as red on the display screen while working on getting the exposure right, but they came out fairly neutral because I chose the ImagesPlus RAW conversion that ignores the camera's white balance; I used "Bayer No White Balance" instead of "At Capture White Balanced Color."

Color balance isn't an issue when CCD imaging, particularly if your filters are balanced by the manufacturer to give equal white signals in each channel.

The question is now which is better, a custom white balance or using the "no white balance" processing option. There's only one way to find out, and that will require a sunny day, a few sheets of white printer paper, and a clear night. That's my next task.

Oh, and the battery worked perfectly. It's nice to have the power right there in such a light package. 35Ah, less than 23 pounds. My little battery case now has two power sockets, but the volt meter has yet to arrive.

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