Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celestron Alignment Stars Diagram

Celestron uses the 80 brightest stars for the stars that can be used duing alignment. This is a subset of the named stars list. While I may know many of the stars, I certainly don't know them all, so I've prepared a GIF image file marking the constellations and the locations of the 80 stars. If you find it useful, here it is:

The alignment stars are in bold letters. Here are links to the full-sized variations of the chart:

Black stars on white background
White stars on black background
Red stars on black background

Credit: The background constellaton chart (a PDF file) comes from this U.S. Naval Observatory page.


  1. This is very useful, thank you.

  2. And it's still very useful! I recently acquired an AVX mount and first time trying to align it, I was overwhelmed with the number of named stars it offered! I haven't memorized many star names, so the chart is tremendously useful!